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Introduction to the Content Guide

The Content Guide provides annotated links to custom content created with Strange Eons. The goal for the guide is to read like a menu of fresh content that you can drop into your game.

The guide lists individual pieces (or collections of them). For a list of links to whole sites of content, see Links to Custom Content(external link).


The Guide is divided into sections for each game. (Some games have subsections as well.) If you'd like your game to be listed, just ask(external link).

How to Add New Entries

Adding a new entry is fast and painless once you've done it a few times. These steps will guide you through the process:
  1. Start by finding the right guide page (or page section) for your content.
  2. Click the Edit This Page button.
  3. In the editor, scroll down to the right section and add your entry. Keep the entires in alphabetical order.
  4. Paste in the template below or use a neighbouring entry as a starting point.
  5. There are three sections: title, description, and links. The title goes between the -= and =-. It doesn't seem to accept Wiki markup, so just use plain text.
  6. Skip past the Wiki syntax (it places the description and links beside each other), and enter your description. The description can optionally include a thumbnail image. To insert a new thumbnail:
    1. Click Image Choose or upload images. A pop-up window appears (you may need to explicitly tell your browser to allow it).
    2. Click List Galleries. Navigate to the subgallery for your game within Content Guide Images.
    3. Click Upload File, then Choose File. Select the file on your computer.
    4. Once you've uploaded the file, click the image or image name to insert the required Wiki code into your entry.
    5. The thumbnails are limited to 64x64 pixels, so you might not want to use the whole card. For example, you could use just the portrait image.
  7. After the description, skip past the next block of Wiki syntax to move to the link section and add your links. Follow the format in the example code below. If the content is available in multiple languages or the language not English, please state the language explicitly. It is also helpful to state whether the .eon files, images, or both are available.
  8. That's it. Click Preview to check that everything looks OK. Double check your links. Once you're happy with the entry, either add more entries or Save the page.

Sample Wiki Syntax for an Entry
-= Sample Entry Name =-
THUMBNAIL IMAGE (IF USED) Description of the item, which may be several lines.
--- ~hs~ ---
[http://link/to/page.html|English (.eon)]
[http://link/to/page_fr.html|French (.eon)]]

Please remember that the guide lists links to pages of custom content created with Strange Eons. Don't upload the content here directly, but create an entry that describes and links to it. This site has limited bandwidth and being able to download Strange Eons itself (and plug-ins) has to take precedence. Also, unless you own the page in question, please link to the page that hosts the content instead of linking to the content (.eon or image file) directly.

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