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Welcome to Strange Eons 3

Strange Eons is a design tool for creating custom content for board, card, and role-playing games. You can use it to expand existing games with your own content, or even as a support tool for prototyping new games from scratch. This section of the user manual covers the installation process; later sections cover the details of using Strange Eons to create content.

Download and Installation

To get started, download(external link) the most recent version of Strange Eons available for your computer. There are typically two different versions available for download at any one time: a "stable" release, and a "work-in-progress" release. The work-in-progress release includes the most recent updates and bug fixes, but there is a small chance that it contains more serious bugs than the stable release that haven't been discovered yet. If you are the less adventurous sort, a good rule of thumb is to stick to the stable release unless the work in progress release has been out for a month or so.

More detailed installation instructions can be found on the following platform-specific pages:

Upgrading from Previous Versions

If you have used Strange Eons 1 or 2, it is recommended that you read the article Upgrading From Strange Eons 1 or 2. Although Strange Eons 3 will look familiar to users of previous versions, it is different from its predecessors in important ways. The biggest change is that Strange Eons 3 does not support any particular game out of the box (although it can create a few basic component types). Instead, after installing Strange Eons you must also install support for the games you are interested in. The next section will get you started.

Running Strange Eons the First Time

When you run Strange Eons the first time, it will check if there is already an existing copy of Strange Eons 2. If so, it will automatically import compatible settings from the older version. If you plan to uninstall the old version, you might want to wait until after this initial run.

Once Strange Eons has loaded, the main application window? will appear. When running for the first time, and after an update, a dialog appears prompting you to install or update core components and other plug-ins. If this is the first run, you'll be prompted to install support for a game and Strange Eons will provide additional prompts to lead you through the process. (Long-time users of Strange Eons should install the Arkham Horror plug-in to enable content creation for that game.)

More Information: Installing and Managing Plug-ins

What Next?

If you want an overview of Strange Eons' before you start creating components, proceed to the section Basic Application Features. If you are anxious to get started, skip ahead to Creating Game Components or just start experimenting and come back to the User Manual whenever you want more information.

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