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Welcome to Miriam's Basement!

On these pages you will find all kinds of material to help you get the most out of Strange Eons. It's dark down here, but the good news is that Miriam catalogues her curios like an obsessed archeologist!

Tomes of Knowledge

Strange Eons User Manual
A guide to the major features of Strange Eons. How to create game components, manage plug-ins, create decks and projects, and more.



Want to contribute? A good place to start is by expanding the Content Guide or adding to the list of links. Have some great ideas about this place? You can discuss what you'd like to get from this site in the forums.

Advanced Field Guides

Developer Manual
A manual on plug-in development for Strange Eons. Plug-ins add new games and features to Strange Eons. There is also a series of How-to Guides that demonstrate specific techniques in a tutorial format. Also see the Plug-in Development forum.

Translator Manual
Guidance for those who wish to help localize Strange Eons for more languages. Also see the Translation forum.

Bugs and Updates

Report a Bug / View Bug Database
Report a problem or check on the current status of a known issue. Choose the Help|Report a Bug menu item in Strange Eons to pre-fill some of the fields when reporting a bug.

Release Notes
An annotated list of the major changes in each new release. Developer features often include example code.

tipRandom Tip
"You can assign a shortcut key to most plug-ins listed in the Toolbox menu. Open the Plug-in Manager. Then, click on the Shortcut cell for the desired plug-in, press the key combination you wish to assign, and press Enter to confirm."

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