Installation on Windows        

Installation on Windows

This section describes the basic steps to take when installing Strange Eons on Windows-based PCs.

System Requirements

The Windows version of Strange Eons requires Windows 2000 or newer. It is recommended that you have at least 2 GB of memory, and Windows Vista or newer. It is also highly recommended that you install the latest graphics drivers available for your graphics card. (Download from the computer or graphics card manufacturer's Web site.)

Installation Steps

  1. Click on the Windows installer(external link) to download it.
  2. Once downloaded, start the installer by locating it in your downloads and double-clicking it to run.
  3. An installation wizard will guide you through the installation process step-by-step. If you are not sure what to do at any particular step, just use the provided default options.


Installation problems are rare, but when they happen they are frustrating. This section describes some of the possible problems that may occur, and what action to take.

Installer Reports a Corrupt File, or Installer Fails to Start

Occasionally a file is damaged in transit. The installer will check the integrity of the installation package before it proceeds with installation. If this check fails, it will refuse to install. Re-download the installer and try again. If it still complains that the file is corrupt, then it may be that the copy on the Web site is bad and needs to be replaced. Please report this issue(external link) and I'll look into it as soon as possible.

Installer Fails to Download/Find Java Runtime

Strange Eons requires a recent version of Java. If you do not have Java installed, or if the installed version is not new enough, then the Strange Eons installer will download its own private copy. (This private copy will only be used by Strange Eons. No changes will be made to your system configuration, such as the version of Java, if any, used by your Web browser.) If the download step fails, you won't be able to continue with the installer. In this case, you can either try the install again in a day or two, or else install Java manually(external link) and then run the installer again.

64-bit Version

Currently, only a 32-bit installation package is available. Strange Eons uses Java, and at this time the 64-bit version of Java for Windows is not stable enough to use with Strange Eons. Unfortunately, this means that you are limited to a maximum of about 1GB of "heap" memory when running Strange Eons. However, most projects will run comfortably within this limit. A 64-bit version should be available in the future.

Tip for Power Users

If you wish to fine tune the runtime settings for Strange Eons, there are two approaches. First, you can pass options on the command line using the -J convention (for example: -J-Xms512m). Second, you can place options in the .vmoptions file in the bin folder of the installation directory.

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