Paper and Pages in a Deck        

Paper and Pages in a Deck

The pages in a deck are organized using a tab strip similar to the Document Tabs. In a deck with multiple pages, clicking a page tab will switch which page is displayed. Settings that affect the entire deck, such as paper size and publisher's marks, are edited using tabbed controls in the upper-left corner of the deck editor.

Adding, Removing, Reordering, and Naming Pages

To add a new blank page, click on the rightmost page tab that shows a + icon instead of a page name. You can also double click in the empty area to the right of the rightmost page tab.

To remove a page, click on the small × icon on the page's tab, to the right of the page name. You can also choose Remove from the tab's context menu.

To change the order of pages, left click and drag the page's tab into the desired order.

To give a page a name other than the default page number label, double click on the page's name in the page tab. Type the new name and press Enter.

Paper Size

All of the pages in a deck share the same paper size. You can choose a standard page size from the drop-down list of the Deck tab in the upper left corner of the editor, or click on the Custom button to define a new size. You can use paper sizes that are larger than your printer supports, and Strange Eons can tile the large pages over several smaller sheets. This option is available from the Print dialog when printing the deck.

Defining and Editing Custom Paper Sizes

Clicking the Custom paper size button opens the Custom Paper Definitions dialog. The top of this dialog lists all defined custom paper sizes. (The list will be empty if you have not defined any custom sizes.) To delete a paper size, select it in the list and choose the large - button. To define a new paper size, press the large + button. Then edit the new size as described below.

To edit a paper size, click on its entry in the list and then fill in the fields at the bottom of the dialog:
This field sets the name by which the paper size will listed.
These fields set the paper dimensions. You can choose the unit of measurement from the drop down list to the right.
This field sets the visual margin around the outside of the page. The margin is drawn in light blue and serves as a visual warning that you are near the edge of the page, but you are still free to place components there.
Grid Size
This field controls the spacing of the grid lines. The major grid lines (solid) will be this far apart. Minor grid lines (dotted) are automatically spaced halfway between the major ones. Apart from providing a visual cue, grid lines affect the snapping behaviour of some kinds of deck objects.

Once you are happy with the custom paper size, ensure the desired size is selected and click the OK button.

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