Relaunching the Application        

Relaunching the Application

It is sometimes necessary to relaunch (quit and restart) Strange Eons to complete a requested operation. Most commonly, a relaunch is required after updating a plug-in, installing a new extension plug-in, or changing certain preference settings. When a relaunch is required, a pop-up message will appear that includes a Relaunch now clickable link. Clicking this link will cause Strange Eons to quit and restart immediately (you will be given an opportunity to save files with unsaved changes first if necessary).


On some platforms, Strange Eons may not be able to restart itself automatically. In this case, after the application exits you will need to restart it yourself. Nothing special is involved: just start the application normally (for example, by double-clicking its icon).

Relaunching the application is optional, but whatever action led to the request will not be completed until the next time Strange Eons starts. For example, if you installed an extension plug-in for a new game, any new game component types will not be available until you relaunch.

Alias: Relaunch, relaunch, relaunching, Restart, restart

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