The Plug-in Authoring Kit        

The Plug-in Authoring Kit

The Plug-in Authoring Kit (PAK) is a packaged project that provides an extensive collection of example code and other resources for plug-in developers. You can download it from the main Strange Eons download page(external link).

Contents of the Kit

The PAK includes several example scripts and resources divided into a number of categories. The following sections describe these categories and highlight some of the examples. Not every example is outlined below, so be sure to explore!

Code Snippets

This folder includes standalone examples. You can open an example by double-clicking it, or right click it and choose Run to watch the result. Some highlights:
How to create a pop-up progress window while you perform a lengthy task.
How to add listeners that allow you to react to new editors being added, and existing editors being selected, deselected, attached, detached, or closed.
An example of how to write an automation script to automate a sequence of actions in a project. To turn it into a true automation script, rename the file change the extension to .ajs. Like the Bulk Export plug-in, this example creates images for an entire group of game components. Unlike that plug-in, though, all of the export options are configured in the script, so no dialog is displayed.

DIY Examples

This task group provides examples for those interested in adding new kinds of game components using the DIY component scripting libraries. Highlights:
Register Game
Shows how to register a new game and associated expansions and add a new kind of game component associated with that game. While the other examples in this group concentrate on the details of creating new component types, this example focuses on the other features needed by a typical game support plug-in.
Rise of the Servitors
A complete example plug-in that extends support for Arkham Horror by adding a new component type, the Servitor.
A complete example plug-in that adds support for the game Talisman. To conserve space, this example does not include support for the full range of Talisman components that can be found in the full-sized extension. The size and complexity of this example will give you a feel for what a real game plug-in can be like, but may also mean that you'll need to work your way up to understanding it by working through the other examples first.

Graphics Templates

This folder contains sample graphics files to help you create the various icons and symbols that you may need to supply while creating a Strange Eons plug-in.

Minimal Examples

This folder contains bare bones examples of basic aspects of the plug-in API.

Project Examples

This folder contains example plug-ins that extend the project system in various ways. Some highlights:
PNG Packer
Adds a new TaskAction that recompresses all of the PNG files in a folder to reduce plug-in size.
ZIP Tools
Adds basic ZIP archive support to projects by registering a TaskAction for creating a ZIP archive from the selection, and a custom file opener to unpack them.

Tool Examples

This folder contains examples of ACTIVATED and INJECTED plug-ins that don't fall under other categories. Highlights:
FTP Export Container
Demonstrates how to register a new export container. Export containers control what happens to the image files created by exporting game components. This example allows you to publish exported game component images to the Internet using FTP.
Picture Thief
Adds a new command to the Toolbox menu that uses the portrait APIs to fetch and display all of the portrait images in the active game component.
Region Hacker
A tool for developers that lets you modify the -region setting keys of the active component. Useful for adjusting and updating component designs, and for hacking existing component types.

Make Bundles

Many of the examples in the PAK are set up as complete plug-ins that you can build and install. The Make Bundles folder includes an automation script, Make All, that will create a plug-in bundle for every scripted example plug-in and copy the resulting bundle to the Make Bundles folder for your convenience.

Alias: Plug-in Authoring Kit, plug-in authoring kit, PAK

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