The Project System        

The Project System

Projects support working on a collection of related files. For example, an entire deck of cards, an expansion, or a plug-in (or all of these at once!). Projects are divided into special folders called task folders. Each task folder represents one aspect of the project, such as a single deck of cards. When you create the task folder, you also choose the type of task it will represent; Strange Eons will then tailor the available commands and file types to suit that task type.

On your computer, a project is typically just a regular folder. Strange Eons can recognize project folders because they contain a special file, seproject, that contains the information needed to manage the project. When you open the project in Strange Eons, by either dragging and dropping the folder or by choosing the File|Open Project menu item, Strange Eons will show the project in a special pane on the left side of the application window. When you right click on a project file, a menu of commands is shown. The available commands change depending on the kind of file and the task type. For example, if you right click on a plug-in bundle, one of the options lets you test the plug-in by running a separate copy of Strange Eons in a special test mode.

Creating a New Project

To create a new project:
  1. Choose the File|New Project menu item.
  2. Enter a name for the project. Since this will be the name of a folder on your computer, only characters allowed in a file name can be used.
  3. Choose the location where the project will be created. By default, new projects are created inside of your "Documents" or "home" folder, depending on the platform.
  4. Choose the project storage format. Projects can be stored in a special folder as outlined above, or as a single file. See below for details.
  5. Choose Make Project.
Your new, empty project will be created and immediately opened.

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Project Storage Format

When creating a project, there is an option to choose how the project will be stored. Typically projects are stored in folders as described above. However, you can also choose to store them as project package files, or "crates". This can be a convenient way to share a project with others. A project package file is essentially a ZIP archive that contains the files in the project folder, except that it uses the file extension .seproject. Strange Eons recognizes this special extension as a cue to open the archive as a project. On opening packaged projects, the archive will be unpacked to a temporary folder while you work on it. When you close the project or close Strange Eons, the temporary files (including your changes) will be packed back up and stored in the package file. In terms of working with the project, the only practical difference between project folders and packaged projects is the delay as it is packed and unpacked.

You can convert the project format at any time by right clicking on the project name at the top of the project panel and choosing the Packaging action. (Alternatively, you can do this manually outside of Strange Eons using your favourite archiving tools.)

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