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Upgrading From Strange Eons 1 or 2

Upgrading from version 1 or 2 of Strange Eons to version 3 is easy. Although settings and plug-ins from previous versions are not entirely compatible with the new version, Strange Eons 3 keeps these files in a separate place from previous versions so that there are no conflicts. For the most part, you can just download and install Strange Eons 3 with the standard directions.

Keeping Both Versions

It is possible to have both Strange Eons 3 and an older version installed on the same system without conflicts. You may wish to do this if a favourite plug-in hasn't been upgraded yet, or as a precaution until Strange Eons 3 matures. However, be aware that once you save a file in Strange Eons 3, you may not be able to open it in your older version anymore. (It will depend on whether any new features or bug fixes required changes to the save format for that file.)

Migrating Your Preferences

When you run Strange Eons 3 for the first time, it will detect the presence of an older Strange Eons installation (if any) and it will import compatible preference settings automatically.

Do not delete preferences.
Do not delete preferences.
Uninstalling Older Versions on Windows
It is recommended that you install Strange Eons 3 before uninstalling a previous version. If for some reason you wish to uninstall the old version first, you can uncheck the option to Delete Preference Settings (see image at right) in the uninstaller. This will ensure that your existing preferences can be migrated into the new version as described above, although it will leave behind the old preference file on your computer.

Don't Panic!

When you run Strange Eons 3 for the first time, there are some glaring differences that might lead you to feel a bit lost initially. Keep reading! This section will help get you over the hump.

What Happened to the Arkham Horror Stuff?

One of the first things that you will notice about Strange Eons 3 is that the base application only lets you create a few kinds of components. In Strange Eons 3, support for specific games is added by installing that game's plug-in. To add support for Arkham Horror, choose Toolbox|Plug-in Catalogue and install the main Arkham Horror plug-in.

Where are My Favourite Plug-ins?

This question probably has one of three answers:
  1. Some plug-ins that were built into Strange Eons no longer exist or must be installed separately. The scope of plug-ins in Strange Eons 3 is greatly expanded, and as a result, some of the oldest plug-ins are simply no longer relevant.
  2. Some plug-ins need to be updated to work with Strange Eons 3, and it will take some time for them to be updated and tested.
  3. Some features that were separate plug-ins in Strange Eons 2 have been incorporated into Strange Eons 3, so a plug-in is no longer required. (See the list below.)

At the moment, a relatively small selection of plug-ins is available. This will change as development continues.

In the meantime, some script-based plug-ins will continue to work if Strange Eons is running in compatibility mode (which it is by default). You can try manually copying an existing plug-in to the new plug-in folder.

Some plug-ins that are not available for download yet are available as examples in the Plug-in Authoring Kit.

Incorporated Plug-ins

Here is an annotated list of plug-ins that have been incorporated into Strange Eons 3 (or in some cases, into a different plug-in):

The Image Resource Browser plug-in is used to browse through the images that Strange Eons and its plug-ins use internally. For example, a card for Arkham Horror might want to include one of the built-in gate symbols as part of the card's text. This browser is now built in. In either an image selection dialog or a component's portrait panel, there is now a small folder icon in the text field where you enter the path to the image. Clicking this icon opens a file chooser dialog, and a Shift+Click will open the resource browser.

The Markup Bar plug-in creates a floating a tool bar that follows the current text field in a game component editor. This functionality has been improved and expanded in the new Context Bar feature.

The Monster Expansions Symbols plug-in allows you to add an expansion symbol to an Arkham Horror monster token. An improved version of this functionality is now built in to the base Arkham Horror plug-in.

The Script Library Documentation Browser plug-in, which displays documentation for the scripting API, has been replaced by the Document Browser (found in the Help menu). The Document Browser can be used to view and search documentation for the scripting API, the main (Java-based) Strange Eons API, and the APIs that make up the Java runtime. It can also host additional searchable document collections.

The equivalents of the Show Regions and Memory Monitor plug-ins are now part of the Developer Tools plug-in.

The Silhouette Pack plug-in adds new shapes for creating markers and tokens. Stock Strange Eons now includes a greatly expanded selection of marker shapes, although plug-in authors can still add more. Game plug-ins typically add new silhouettes for shapes relevant to a specific game. For example, the Arkham Horror plug-in installs a silhouette for making custom rift tokens.

The Variable Health Investigators plug-in adds support for creating Arkham Horror investigators with a slider track for Sanity and Stamina. This functionality, along with many other enhancements, is now available in the base Arkham Horror plug-in.

The Last Resort Glyphs plug-in makes the font and character dialogs more user-friendly by displaying the general class of a character when it was not defined in the font being viewed. This functionality is now built in, although you will need to have the Core Typefaces library installed.

The Translation Tools plug-in adds basic tools to assist with translating the application or a plug-in to another language. Strange Eons 3 includes new tools to support this process. See the Translator Manual for more information.

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