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Statusclosed closed
Summary Centralized Issues for 3.0 developer preview 3
Type Bug
Problem With General (covers multiple areas)
Detailed Description This is a centralized checklist of the ""last few issues"" that need to be taken care of before developer preview release 3 and/or public alpha 1 can be uploaded.

  • Arkham Horror plug-in doesn't compile
  • relative res links are no longer working (# links in API browser)
  • double-clicking a plug-in bundle does not install or start it
  • publishing a bundle then unpacking it yields an apparently corrupt archive
  • do an invokeLater after all exit tasks to allow any exit tasks that need to do an invokeLater to complete before termination
  • allow switching between original and revised Dark Pharaoh
  • official items need an optional required expansion
  • check that PluginManager/Catalogue use BundleInstaller exclusively
  • remove old plug-in manager
  • packaging command still shows .unwraptmp in cat. info
  • translation editor: editing key when no key selected gives NPE
  • merge package plugin.impl into plugins
  • check that root file/root file ed are handling escapes, improve line breaking of catIDs
  • check that thesaurus plug-in uses fwd/back btns
  • move Java API prefs to sensible location
  • make new image exporter active
  • Translations for AH strings are missing since being separated from base
  • Those bestiary plug-in strings were actually part of the AH base now (for Monster consequences)

""Alpha 1:""
  • missing exhibit encounters
  • missing alternate gates
  • missing institutions
  • missing epic battle condition/battle event
  • missing reckoning cards
  • script-based AH components haven't been updated for SE3

Steps to Reproduce
JVM 1.6.0_25/1.7
Fixed In
Priority 5 (high)
Owner Chris Jennings
Created Thursday 09 of May, 2013 14:30:49 EDT
LastModif Thursday 09 of May, 2013 14:21:12 EDT
by Chris Jennings